Abilities For Kids, Inc.


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About Us

AFK intends to provide multidisciplinary therapeutic services to children facing physical or neuromuscular challenges so they may improve on fine and gross motor development needed for functions of daily living, improve balance and coordination, increase strength and flexibility. With adequate funding, AFK hopes to expand services to more children. Through education, AFK strive to improve public awareness of needs for compassion and accommodations for children with disabilities. AFK will provide water safety and swim lessons to children of typical and varied abilities. Currently, AFK is the only program with an indoor heated pool that provide water safety and swim lessons to children with special needs in our immediate area.

AFK will strive to reduce disability in the community one child at a time through tailored therapeutic services to each child, so children will grow with less difficulty and become functional adults who can contribute to society instead of consuming more disability costs. Furthermore, AFK will go beyond direct therapy services for these children struggling with disabilities by going to their schools and communities to advocate for needed services and accommodations