Board Member Profile: Danny Deveraux, CalPortland Construction

The Santa Maria Chamber begins their new fiscal year July 1, 2019. With it, new Chamber Board members are welcomed in to replace those who have served their term limits. We'll be profiling some of those new board members, who can serve up to two 3-year terms on the Chamber Board of Directors.

Your name and title: Danny Deveraux, Vice President and General Manager, CalPortland Construction

What made you want to join the Santa Maria Chamber Board of Directors? We have 275 employees locally and I want to help promote a friendly yet responsible business environment that results in a productive and safe community with a high quality of life.

What do you hope to accomplish while on the board? I hope to provide input to Santa Maria’s general plant update, especially on transportation. I’d like to help the Chamber in working with politicians and government agencies to develop reasonable regulation that is less stifling in attracting new businesses or promotes growth with existing business.

Why do you feel it’s important for business leaders to get involved in the local community? It’s a win-win situation. A healthier business climate in the community helps provide better schools, safer neighborhoods and a higher quality of life. Those items in turn provide a climate for businesses to thrive.